Unlock the flawless system to perfect multidisciplinary communicaton and person-centred care

What you’ll get out of this eSeminar

Imagine a hospital department, residential care facility, community or primary care setting where patient care is supreme over all of considerations and staff morale is phenomenal. The team is innovative, embrace other’s ideas, respectful but also they have fun at work. This would be a truly great place to work.  

By revealing the secrets of the validated, reliable Whole Brain Thinking model, research has shown enhanced health care team collaboration, productivity and patient safety outcomes.  

Using the survey instrument, Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, you will (a) complete the 120 question survey, (b) receive a full report about your thinking preferences, (c) unlock the techniques to using this model to communicate with all members of the healthcare team. When we understand other people’s thinking, then we leverage that knowledge to communicate powerfully leading to happy teams, engaged people and fun place to work and fully deliver person-centred care.  

Whole Brain Thinking  

Webinar 1: May 11 | 1400-1600

We unpack the secrets behind these four dominant thinking styles, known as Whole Brain thinking. This will enable you to capitalise on each preference's idiosyncrasies so you can be a part of a high-functioning nursing team

Speak Their Language

Webinar 2: May 15 | 1400-1600

Person-centred care hinges, simply, on your ability to speak your patient's language. Learn their cues and give them the care they need in the way they need it. Use the same techniques to collaborate fully with the multidisciplinary team.

Coach for Success

Webinar 3: May 16 | 1400-1600

As nurses: we’re coaches to junior nurses, patients, new staff - and the hardest group of all: doctors. So embrace new skills to relate, coach & give feedback to propogate growth.

Inspire More Conflict

Webinar 4: May 21 | 1400-1600

Conflict is where the growth is. Managed well, conflict sparks new thinking, challenges old ways, creates open minds and kills stagnate thinking. Exploit your insights to master conflict.

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With 15 years experience in senior & executive roles, I can read a Profit & Loss better than I can read an ECG. I’ve been perioperative educator and manager, run an emergency department and been a nursing director. I have post-graduate qualifications in nursing, coaching and management. I continue to practice nursing clinically. I understand hospitals and healthcare. I know how nurses think and feel and what worries nurses. Learn my proven techniques so your team delivers great patient outcomes

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