Nurse Manager Master Class Series

Are you ready for get your nurse management career off the ground? Or, are you new to nurse management and feel overwhelmed by the role?

This transformative program contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of nursing leadership.  Think of this program as your key to unlocking authentic & powerful leadership.

The innovative delivery of this program means that you will access experts plus build a network of like-minded colleagues to share your experiences with.

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This Nurse Manager MasterClass Series contains everything you want to be supported with, from finance to culture to risk, delivered by a panel of industry experts.

My big successes have been in changing culture and turnaround plans in health services having a $20 million deficit and turning this into an annual $20 million surplus for the last few years.  It all comes down to getting Cost Centre Managers engaged so that they consider every financial purchasing decision and revenue opportunity

John Allen - CPA with 25 years health sector experience & MasterClass Panel Expert

A Series For All Skill Levels

This Nurse Manager MasterClass consists of information for nurse leaders of all experience levels whether you've been managing for years or if you're contemplating your next career move into management. This series will benefit you to dramatically transform your leadership performance into being contemporary, authentic and powerful nurse leaders.

A MasterClass from a Panel of Expert

This series was developed based from  the cold, hard facts that only experts can provide. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information in this series is provided by absolute experts who have studied the ins and outs of their niche knowledge for decades and they share that with your nurse leaders.  You gain dedicated personal time with each expert to harvest precious lessons learned.

A Word From The Lead

“With 15 years experience in senior & executive nurse manager roles, I can read a P&L better than I can an ECG, I can prepare a business case better than I can prepare a patient for theatre & I can assess risk better than I can chest pain.  But I learnt this through trial & error: I want today's nurse managers transitioning from clinician to leader to have more than that.”